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Have a question about how bookings work? How much does a tattoo cost? Check out our questions and answers below.

What is Outline?

Outline is the best way to book your next tattoo online. We are currently partnering with tattoo artists in London, but will soon be expanding to the rest of the UK, and the world.

Outline enables you to pick a flash tattoo design (flash tattoos are designs already drawn out by the respective artist — custom bookings are coming soon!). You can confirm a booking date and pay online in minutes, and message your artist anytime about the tattoo or booking.

We also collate some of the best tattoo designs around the world for your inspiration.

Why should I use Outline?

No more frustrating cash payments on the day. No more super long waiting lists. No more ignored emails. No more unknowns about the quality or reputation of the artists. No more intimidating consultations in busy tattoo shops.

Outline fixes endless pain points with the relatively archaic tattoo booking process. Pay online, no cash carrying. All our artists respond promptly through Outline Messaging. All our artists are also curated and vetted by us, guaranteeing an amazing tattoo, and a friendly booking on the day.

How do bookings, payments, refunds work?

With flash tattoos, you pick a design and pay upfront on Outline. The payment is held on our secure payment platform until you and the artist agree on a date. If a date is not agreed within the next 10 days, you'll automatically be refunded. If the artist has to cancel the booking for any reason, you will also be refunded. You won't need to pay anything on the day of the booking!

You can view our Terms for the full rundown.

I don't know what tattoo I want?

This happens to people with no tattoos or 30! Feel free to browse our artists and their flash, but we also encourage you to DM us on Instagram. We're happy to quickly answer any of your questions or queries, and can point you in the direction of the right artist and tattoo for you. Just say hello!

How much does a tattoo cost?

Each tattoo from each artist is priced differently. In general, you get what you pay for. When trusting someone with something that will be with you for life, it's best not to try and cut costs. Nonetheless, smaller, simpler tattoos can be kinder for your bank account. We try and cater for all budgets on Outline, with various kinds of flash tattoos. You'll find designs from £80 to £400.

How does Outline make money?

We charge a lil 8% fee for each booking, to help us pay the bills. We truly believe this booking fee is reflective of the service we work on. It also means we don't have to do any rubbish with annoying ads or your data. ❤️

What happens on the day of a tattoo booking?

We've documented a full guide on our Medium blog.

Tattoos may be painful, but booking an artist shouldn't be.

We’re making tattoo bookings and artist discovery as simple as a haircut.

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