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A helping hand for both new and established artists

Get more, better flash bookings

We advise our members on the information they should provide, and how to embrace the style of each artist. Only high quality bookings, with no extra work for you

Automated, Instagram powered portfolios

We know artists use Instagram to share their work, so Outline simply connects to your Instagram and syncs all your tattoo shots, with intelligent tagging of style and location.

It's free!

We pay our bills by charging the customer a tiny free per booking. No charges for our artists, and no ads.

Join a talented, diverse group of artists

While respecting traditions that make tattooing great, we want help tattoo artists break down boundries, and celebrate youth and diversity. Join our artists who are helping to change tattoo culture for the better.

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Flash party events

A few times each year, we hold events in London for selling flash. We’ll invite 4 of our favourite artists along, with over 100 attendees buying flash at a discounted price (artists still make full buck, discounts are covered by Outline).

Interesting in being one of our artists? Get in touch.

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More tools coming soon

We want to build a full suit of tools for tattoo artists. Soon we’ll be helping you:

• Sell and take bookings for your flash, fully online

• Share and sell your merchendise

• Organise guest dates

• Fill awkward free days at short notice

Get more bookings.
Sell more flash.
All for free.

Move on from poor quality email enquiries and Instagram DMs. Join Outline for free and start managing your flash properly.

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